Thursday, June 26, 2008

shopping trip

We made it into town today to get my brother and sister-in-law's gift for their baby shower. Who knew Babies R Us was such a hub of activity? I saw more pregnant women and tiny babies there than I'd seen in a long time. Amazing. I'm so glad I'm finished with that season of my life.

After printing out the registry, we went on the trek for the gift: a Graco stroller system. Of course, when Billy and Wendy registered, Graco was still making the model they chose. Now, they've quit making that particular model and are just selling out what they've got left. I guess people's taste in fabrics are so fickle that Graco has to reupholster their gear even before it's all been bought out. We wound up getting the system from a BRU store in Lafayette and we'll pick it up on our way to the lake next weekend. It wound up being okay. We found some other really cute things for Baby Will that I won't mention--just in case Wendy's reading this!!

After shopping we ate lunch at Cheeburger! Cheeburger! I know, I know, cheesy take-off on the Billy Goat Tavern routine from classic SNL, but a great burger none-the-less. The reason I'm telling you about this is because my sweet, skinny boy, Zac ate a gigantic cheeseburger so he could be posted on the "under 12" wall of fame. The burger for the under 12 crowd is the "Serious." It's a 10 ounce burger dressed out the way you want it. I only ate the "semi-serious" burger and was stuffed. Zac finished every bite of his fully dressed burger. They took his picture wearing a hamburger hat holding a huge stuffed hamburger and let him sign the photo before they posted it on the wall. He was so proud. He looked like a snake who swallowed a rat! He said that next time he's going to go for the "Famous Pounder" so he can get on the adult board. Normally, I don't advocate eating until you're sick as a dog, but that burger will probably be Zac's one meal for the next several days. He's like that; he'll pig out one meal then pick at his meals for the next several days.

After the gigantic burgers we went to the Coca-Cola bottling plant to pick up some Powerade drinks I ordered for our all-star team, then we finally headed home.

Tonight we go to Denham Springs for the first of, hopefully, only 2 games in our district tournament. I'll let you know how that comes out.


back by popular demand

Hey Kids! Back by popular's Ragsland! I've been gone almost 2 years. I thought I could handle being one of the cool kids, but it just wasn't happening. I was talking to my sister-in-law today (who'd have ever thought I'd have one of those on the maternal side of my family), and she told me that just for old times sake, she'd check to see if I'd updated. Not surprisingly, I hadn't. Let's see how long it takes her, or anyone else, to notice!

I still don't have a digital camera at my disposal...thought one would come my way for Mother's Day, but hey, I got an uninterrupted nap, so there are still no pix of my beautiful kidlets.

Speaking of the kidlets, we've been very busy. Jake will be starting first grade and Zac will be starting 7th grade; both in the number one school district in Louisiana. I'm not sure if it's all that great to be number one in the bottom tenth of the nation, but we'll go with it. I kid. The Zachary school district is fantastic, and we're happy to be a part of it.

This summer, so far, has been full of baseball. Jake finished his season of coach pitch ball with his team in 3rd place (of about 5000 teams) and Zac finished his season of 11-12yo league in 3rd place of 7 teams. Zac was selected to play all-stars, so we've been busy with that. We have the district tournament in Denham Springs tomorrow night and back here in Zachary for Friday night. If we need another game to determine the winner, we'll play again Saturday morning. The state tournament is over July 4 weekend in Abbeville, LA. That should be great. George and the boys will be there while I take my mom home. She's been with us almost 2 weeks...

It has been wonderful having my mom with me these last couple of weeks. She's been staying with the kids while George and I go to work. Granted, I only work a few hours a day, but Bopba is there when the kids get up in the morning. George left today for a middle school mission trip, so I have my mom for some company while he's gone. We're going shopping tomorrow for a gift for my brother's baby shower over the fourth of July weekend.

You know, as far as Ragsland is concerned, no news is good news. However, now that I've figured out how to log in (it has been almost 2 years after all) I'll try to keep my faithful fan-base up to date!!! Maybe I'll even get a new digital camera and post some pix while I'm at it!