Monday, December 29, 2008

A public service question...

Because I serve my public.

Tell me if you HATE the google-ad thing that comes up first on my blog. I'm just trying it out to see what happens. Apparently, I can earn $$ by allowing google ads on my stuff. If it's too annoying, I think I'll pull it off.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

And the award for mother-of-the-year goes to...

Me, of course.

If it wasn't enough that we've just had Christmas and family time like crazy, Jake talked to his friend, S, on Christmas day and invited him to spend the night Friday night.

We were going to take Zac's friend, K, out to dinner with our family so he could give her his Christmas gift, but she had to go out of town with her grandmother. Since the girlfriend plans were cancelled, and Jake was having S over, Zac asked if S's brother K could come stay with him. I, still being drunk on egg nog, apparently, added S and K's brother J to the mix. I didn't think it would be very nice to invite their #1 and #3 boys without having #2 also. All the boys are good friends anyway, and S, K, and J are SUPER GOOD boys, so it wasn't any trouble.

The boys' mom and dad went in to Baton Rouge to look at some furniture and dropped the boys off on the way. We had a great night. Everyone played outside until way past dark, played the Wii, played on the computer, and ate hot dogs and gingerbread house. The little boys slept in the living room on sleeping bags and the big boys slept in the bedroom. I finally fell completely asleep around 1:00 am and could still hear Zac and K giggling.

We had pancakes for breakfast, then everyone loaded up the rip sticks, skate boards, roller blades, and scooters to spend a couple of hours at the skate park.

Jackie came to pick up the boys from the skate park around noon. We came home and had lunch and did some house work and nap. Zac left later that evening to spend the night with another friend.

Unfortunately, the voting academy will not remember this award and the hard work it has taken to get here. They will only remember the demands for baths, tooth-brushing, room-cleaning, homework-doing and all the other things it takes to get to be mother-of-the-year. I'll bask in it for these few fleeting moments.

It was a beautiful day, incidentally. About 78 degrees.

The boys were wiped out. Zac slept for about an hour and Jake almost got another night's sleep with his 3-hour nap!

P.S. They (we) love their snuggies. We're cheesy like that! Maybe I'll remember to bring them to football games for extra warmth! Like that, Billy?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

That would be the reason for the lack of posts lately.

By the way, I hate that song I used as my post title. It's one of those tunes that, at first, seems happy and benign, but then wraps itself completely around your brain and chokes it to death, much in the same way a wisteria plant can kill a 100-year old oak tree.

The festivities always begin, for me, with Thanksgiving. I've already told you that this year's Thanksgiving was the best ever. Part of the reason for that was the planning the girls in my family did for our annual trip to Salado, which we ditched, incidentally, for something much, much better. Usually, we go to Salado, in central Texas, north of Austin, for shopping, visiting, dinner at neat restaurants, crazy gift exchanges, game playing, movie watching, Christmas card addressing, shopping and more visiting, always with a few adult beverages mixed in for good measure and extra good visiting.

We wound up going to my aunt's lake house in Marble Falls instead. We did sneak in a little side trip on Thursday to Salado. It was really sad. The stores had hardly anything in them, there were only a few people, the great Mansion restaurant was closed up, and worst of all, the candy store was gone!!!!! They had the coolest candy store, called Sweet Nut Things, with all kinds of old-fashioned and interesting candies like candy cigarettes, bubble gum that looks like pebbles, gummy rats, individually colored m&ms, and lots of neat little toys and doo dads. I think that was the saddest of all for me, that the candy store was gone. We decided we would not go back.

In order to completely change the weekend so as to not compare to Salado, we did some completely different things.The weekend at the lake was almost like a dream. We had snacks, beverages, movies, a gift exchange, a hot tub, lake scenery, MASSAGES, manicures, dinner. Friday night was the official kick-off dinner at a restaurant in MF, Russo's. It was fantastic, I had the pepper-crusted salmon, which was a special of the day. After dinner we went back to the house, not to leave again until Sunday! Long story short, the massage was spectacular, the food/snacks/beverages prodigious, and most-importantly, the company beyond compare. You know, I have lots of girlfriends, but none, anymore, who I'd like to spend the entire weekend with except the girls in my family. Alas, I forgot my camera, so there is no photographic evidence of the revelry! However, Jake did lose his first tooth on Wednesday night after I'd left.

When I left the lake on Sunday, I brought my mom home with me. We had a great trip home. We listened to talk radio and the 70's channel on XM. When we got home, the Christmas lights were decorating the yard and George and the boys had cleaned up the joint. All of the laundry was done--not folded and put away--but done. They'd worked hard for me while I was relaxing all weekend.

George and I, both, worked Monday and Tuesday, so Mom stayed with the kids. We ramped it up into high gear getting ready for Christmas. Mom kept the kids Monday night so George and I could get some shopping done. We were going to get a bunch done on the 11th, but if you've been reading lately, that was Sneaux Day. We got everything finished that night.

The next couple of days were pretty low key. We went grocery shopping Tuesday, went to Christmas Eve services at church Wednesday, had lunch at Piccadilly after church, the boys worked on a gingerbread house kit (well, mostly Jake; Zac got in the picture just to irritate Jake), sent George back to church for the 5:00 service (he had to help serve Communion), and prepared our traditional Christmas Eve buffet.

The buffet came about several years ago, even before Jake was born, I think. We lived in Longview at the time and my mom was with us for Christmas. I was going to fix something nice for Christmas Eve dinner and asked Zac what we should have. He said, "Just make me a buffet of everything that I like." Zac has always been a good eater, so that was a tall order. I pared it down to appetizers: cocktail weenies, chips and salsa, guacamole, tamales, taquitos, veggies and dip, and cheese and crackers. Pair that with sparkling cider for the boys and wine for the adults, and you've got yourself a traditional Christmas Eve feast.

The rest of the night was the usual. The boys went to bed around 9:00, Mom went to bed around 10:00, George and I stayed up all night wrapping presents. At one point, both Zac and Jake wandered into the living room for water. Luckily, Santa hadn't come yet, so nothing was spoiled. When we finally went to bed, we took Zac with us. He was having a hard time sleeping. He tossed and turned and cried all night. He was so anxious that he couldn't sleep and was afraid he would ruin Christmas for Jake because Santa wouldn't come until he fell asleep. All was saved when he finally fell asleep around 3:30! Nice. Three and a half hours of restful sleep. Everyone was up about 7:00.

The rest of the day went as usual. The boys played with the Wii Santa brought, tried on almost all the new clothes they got, and cracked open the new art supplies. George made a delicious lunch of stacked green chile chicken enchiladas-New Mexico style. I took a nap.

Here is a quick picture wrap-up:

Santa calls the boys on Christmas Eve. Yes, Zac believes. As long as you believe, Santa still brings you gifts.

We had been threatening coal for some time with this one.

Zac finally got some American Eagle clothes. We got him that. Santa was NOT taking this credit!

Jake is quite an artist and loves all kinds of art supplies. He also loves his new Old Navy clothes. Santa didn't get to take that credit either.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A dinner-time prayer

This was the actual prayer given by Jacob before dinner last night.

God is great,
God is good,
Let us thank Him for our food.

By our hands,
We are fed,
Give us Lord our daily bread.

Thank you, Jesus, for Christmas.
And thank you for Santa.
I love Santa.
Good night, Santa.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let It Snow!!!!!!!!!!!

How 'bout that?

How many times have you gone to bed with the weather man saying that there may be snow overnight and you make big plans to sleep in, play in the snow, watch TV, and drink hot chocolate only to be disappointed with a cold rain?

Not so here in south Louisiana!!! Mother Nature must've allowed the Snow Miser to have some fun for the day down here. I'm not sure where the Heat Miser was today.

This is what we woke up to this morning.

After breakfast, we got dressed to go outside and play since snow doesn't last very long down here. The forecast was already changing the snow to sleet, then freezing rain, then rain. Our window was short, but we optimized all of the time!

Snow Angels, of course.

Zac and Jake with the girls next door.

Just general playing.

I leave you with a few pictures that I think are pretty.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow, Maybe

There's a good chance that it may snow or ice over tonight.

The children are nestled all snug in their beds, while hopes of a snow day dance in their heads.

I'll let you know.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Naughty or Nice??

Check out this site to see which list you're on:

Sunday, December 7, 2008


The mom came to pick up the kids right when I finished the last post. We left for church right away...and made it there on time.

Then there was a message on my cell phone apologizing for the kids staying there. She didn't realize that I didn't know they were going to their storage to pick up a sofa.

I think she felt bad for not talking to me personally.

Now I feel bad that I got into a wad over it...Knowing what I know about her boyfriend, I'm a little afraid of how everything will hash out. He's a jackass and will probably treat her badly.

What in the world am I supposed to do?

The kids were at the back door neighbor's house playing (yes, that one) when Zac called to see if it was okay if they all came over to play here. I said sure. What I didn't know was that I was baby sitting.

They have two girls (hers) and a boy (HIS). The girls are really sweet, but that boy totally makes me appreciate my two boys. I don't really think he fully computes when you speak to him.

At any rate, the mom and dad went to Home Depot, I think. I'm supposed to leave at 4:00 for church and they're not home yet!

They've been here about an hour and a half and have eaten all of my bread. I made PB&J because everyone was hungry (the boy demanded something to eat). Oh yeah, the dog, Ginger, is also in my back yard (Buddy is in his kennel in my room) because she kept getting out of their yard. She was going out of her mind with the kids over here playing.

Another day in paradise. Four minutes and counting.

**EDIT**Oh, one more thing. Neither parent is answering their phone.

The Ragsland Exchange

When the kids and I got home from church, they turned to YouTube to settle an argument about a song they were singing. It's a song called "Whatever You Like," by T.I. It's some dumb rap/hip-hop song they like. They settled their disagreement, then started looking up other videos--Red Hot Chili Peppers, Puddle of Mudd, Jimi Hendrix, Fall Out Boy, The Jonas Brothers--then went back to one of their standards "Tell 'Em-Crank That Soulja Boy," by, who else, but Soulja Boy. Zac was doing the dance and Jake was telling him not to. Then Jake got up to go get his jacket to play outside.

Me: He can dance if he wants to.

Jake: Yeah, but he doesn't look right.

Me: Y'all were doing so good with the videos until you started with the rap. Why do y'all like that music anyway?

Jake: Because you hate it.

Out of the mouth of babes.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Just one more reason I'm glad my mom is spending Christmas with us

I turned on the heater tonight. We have a sort of Mexican stand-off with the heater around here. I always lose since I live with the human heater. We don't usually turn on the heater until my mom comes for Christmas, but I was so cold tonight and couldn't warm up...I turned on the heater...just to cut the chill. George is not home; don't tell him. It's just plain cold!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I don't even know how to title this

I don't care who you think you are, but the man IS the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES for cryin' out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put on your government-issued big girl panties, stand with him and be nice!!!!!!!!! .

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

Watch this:

You probably have to cut and paste the link into your address bar.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008