Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ice Cream Man

Hey everyone. This is a quick post to let you know that I haven't forgotten about my blog. I've been a little preoccupied.

We had an EXTRA-FABULOUS trip to Disney World a couple of weeks ago that if you follow me on Facebook, you were able to attend vicariously. I'll get some pix up later to update my faithful readers...

Baseball has started back up as have the spring events of youth ministry in South Louisiana

But, I'm here to tell you now that I've come across the best ice cream I've ever had. And I'll tell you that I've had some of the best ice cream EVER (I am from Texas after all). Between my grandma's homemade vanilla/peach/strawberry and Blue Bell (any flavor), I would consider myself an aficionado.

Tonight's revelation is New Orleans Ice Cream Co. Cream Cheese flavor. It was sweet and savory at the same time, if that makes sense. Not too sweet, yet creamy and delicious.

It was a little pricey, almost $5 for a pint, but well worth it for a special treat. They have several other flavors which hint at the New Orleans style, Chocolate City, Praline Crunch, and Ponchatoula Strawberry, just to name a few.

I hope you can find it in your store. I bought it at Winn Dixie. Until recently, it was only available in extreme Southern Louisiana, but it appears as though they're expanding their distribution.

Hopefully you can find it. If you can't, you can come here for a visit and I'll hook you up!