Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time flies when you're alive

Spoiler alert...lots of pix showing the last day of summer vacation, first day of school, lemonade stand, and 12th birthdays.

The last several weeks have been busy. View the evidence:

The last day before school started, the boys dragged out the ramp and were showing off their wicked awesome tricks.

School got off without much trouble. George and the boys happened to be going to Academy on tax-free weekend, so he fought off all of the crazy people and got the boys their pants and shorts they needed to start school. I'm not so sure the trouble of all the extra people and chaos was worth saving $18, but it was an adventure.

Of course, Zac looked like every other 7th grader. Jake is another story; he wouldn't let me fix his hair.

My little entrepreneur was hard at work. He made almost $50 on this lemonade stand. I'm thinking about a side job...

And finally...Zac had his 12th birthday yesterday. For the last 12 years, we've had huge throw-downs for him on his birthday: swim parties, bowling for the entire kindergarten class, Kid's Station, Lazer Tag, movies for him and his buddies, backyard bbq, etc. It's easy because he has a summer birthday. Jake, on the other hand, has a winter birthday. He had a magician at our house for his 5th birthday and we had a family party at my mom's house for his first birthday (which my future brother-in-law at the time "ruined." Ha Ha. That's a funny'll have to wait for the sit-com that's in-development about my family to hear about that). Anyway, the point being that we needed to go a little lower key this time. I say that with my tongue in my cheek. The boy has been bugging us to try lobster. At every restaurant we visit, he looks to see if they serve lobster and then proceeds to bug us to death about ordering it. There is no way I'm going to spend $50 on an 11 year old's meal at a restaurant. So instead, on the way home from work yesterday, George stopped at a local fish market and bought the last 2 lobsters they had. We wanted one for each of us (4), but earlier in the day, someone came in and bought 200 lobsters! Luckily they didn't need 202, else the birthday dinner would have been a bust. Anyway, George boiled them up with some new potatoes and corn. I made a ceasar salad and garlic bread. It was delicious and even better than a restaurant since we got to stay home.

Here are some pictures of the dinner and Zac with his presents and blowing out the candles on his cake.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

General Update, It's About Perspective

We've had a lot going on since we last spoke, internet.

George finally returned from his last youth trip. I know it doesn't seem like such a big deal that he's traveling 4-5 weeks of the summer, there are folks out there whose whole job involves traveling. The trouble is that for those 4-5 weeks, George is *ON* 24/7. He has to be all things to all people, youth or otherwise: social worker, dad, tour guide, bank, spiritual guide, driver, contractor, cook, maid, nurse. It takes a toll on him. He starts getting mentally ramped up for the summer about the beginning of May and doesn't return to himself until about mid-August. In between trips, he flies in and out of the house like a zombie, dropping off clothes and gear to be washed and repacked for the next trip. The kids and I are used to it and I do my best to keep everything moving along normally...I just wish I could sleep while he's gone.

In other news, we got a new mattress and box spring! Now at least when I'm not sleeping, I'm not in pain too. It's really nice and comfortable. I'm very happy with it.

George also had his 43rd birthday on Wednesday. The day went off without much fanfare except that we went to get the new mattress that evening after he got home from work. It's hard to get a birthday gift for someone who wants crazy expensive things like a table saw. Usually he winds up with cards from the kids, a special dinner, and a homemade cherry pie. So far none of those things have happened. I will make a pie this weekend.

Yesterday was our 21st anniversary. It's hard to believe I've been married longer now than I've not been married. Aside from the family members who are older than me, I've known George longer than anyone else. I know I'm better for it. He keeps me grounded and normal. Lord knows that I can go "high and to the right" about things. He brings a certain amount of perspective to life.

When we were on our way home from dinner and a movie last night (Bravo! {}and The Dark Knight) we were talking about people having kids when they're young. When we thought about it, we could have a child as old as 19 or 20!! (Crazy. There was no way that was happening.) Anyway the point of the conversation was whether or not we would be where we are now had we had children earlier in our marriage. We figured that we would have made "safer" carreer decisions. Chasing the next youth job all over the southwest probably wouldn't have figured in to providing a stable upbringing for a family. I am grateful for the way these last 21 years have unfolded. We've lived in some interesting cities, met amazing people and just generally have a whole lot of perspective on life and what it's about. I wouldn't have it any other way.