Friday, May 29, 2009

Get a Haircut

...and get a real job.

As evidenced by the opening picture, Zac's hair was getting pretty long. Way longer than was allowed at school. As directly quoted from the school handbook:

"Hair must be clean, neat and of a manageable length. Hair at or
below the eyebrows is not allowed. Hair may not be longer than the
collar on the back of male students. Students whose hair is too long
in the opinion of the administration will be notified and given a day
to correct it before being sent to the TOR. Student will remain in the
TOR until hair is cut to an acceptable length. Hair that is braided
must remain braided throughout the school day. Natural hair colors
only! No writing, symbols, or carvings in hair styles, and no “Mohawk”
hair cuts. No facial hair on male students. Male students
may not have ponytails or similar hairstyles. Beads are not allowed
to be worn in hair."

Zac decided that he wanted a fauxhawk for his summer 'do. Naturally, being the push-over, easy-going parents we are, we obliged. Thank goodness hair grows.

George tried to do it himself, but his clippers are pretty old and he couldn't get it all even, but it looked okay.

He caught a little flack at baseball camp for having a not-so-good haircut, so today George took him to Fantastic Sam's to get it fixed.

I haven't seen his forehead in over 3 years. I think he's happy with it. I'm really happy that hair grows.


Anonymous said...

Jake's face in the background pretty much says it all!!! I,too, am glad hair grows. Love, mom

Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

I think Zac looks super cool with a "faux"hawk!! I totally love it!!

No, I'm not joking. :)


Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

k so its an actual mohawk. not a faux hawk.