Friday, August 21, 2009

Birthday, Redux

As I told you yesterday, it was Zac's 13th birthday; and as you may remember, he had quite a nice list of items we could get him.

George and I are officially THOSE parents. You know, the ones who make it difficult on all of the other parents because they get their child something ridiculous for a birthday or Christmas.

We got Zac "the best birthday present EVER!" (his exact words) The hyper-link will send you to my sentiments regarding birthdays and iPhones.

An iPhone.

Before you go high and to the right on me, allow me to explain. Zac's phone was due for an upgrade, and we wanted to get him an iPod for his birthday. Well, the iPod was more expensive than the iPhone!

We already had a media plan on the phone he was using, so the increased expense of the media package on our, already, exorbitant bill was negligible. You may remember the telephone bill we received a few months ago...

At any rate, it's fun being "those" parents once in a while. I'm grateful that we have the means to dote on our children lavishly...sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I'm in heaven. TWO more posts!! I almost didn't check tonight, since you posted yesterday. I loved the picture of Zac. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

P.S. You didn't tell about me fighting with the fan. I would kind of like to hear it, because it is just a very dim memory by now. Love, mom

C Golightly said...

Kudos for Zac, but that is scary for me. I can't imagine the phone bill with Iphones for my kids and can you put restrictions on there for websites? etc. Who knows what technology will be in 6 years??? I'm not ready for that territory. We are just starting homework!!!

jana said...

Regarding Zac's iPhone: we have parental controls on it. Nothing over PG13 on youtube and internet sites, phone calling restrictions he had on his regular phone so he can't call China or anything, no purchasing from iTunes without a parent password, and still no texting. There are a few other options that I can't remember, but those cover the bulk of it all.