Saturday, July 26, 2008

An hour or two at the beach. Plus mother-of-the-year

Before we left BSL we took the kids to the beach. Here's the evidence:

My "artistic" photo.

If you look vvveeerrry closely, you can see a tiny crab at the top of the inside of that shell.

Hermit Crab.

And now on to Mother-of-the-year. I have an on-going bid for this title. Sometimes it's legit, sometimes snarky. On Thursday and Friday, I must say it was legit. After we got up and lounged around all morning Thursday, I took the boys to the skate park. Jake has been dying to go. Check out Jakey Hawk. Hey, everyone's got to start somewhere!

And his brother, Zac-Luc Gagnon.

Zac's rockin' the Razor scooter. He's not much for extreme sports.

As if that wasn't enough, I took the kids to McD's for lunch, then *back* to the park until almost dark!

To help the kids remember that I am most certainly not Mommy Dearest, after work Friday, we went to the store for some groceries, then they each had a friend over to stay the night. Jake's friend got sick around 10:30 and had to go home, but everyone had a great time. Oh, yea. I took all the boys to the skate park yesterday evening too, then home for swimming and pizza. Did I already tell you this, internet? I guess if I did, I'm repeating myself, as it's not so very often that I get to revel in my awesomeness.

Anyway, the mom of the boys who stayed over last night came by and picked everyone up to take them back to the skate park and lunch.

Just livin' the dream out here in suburbia.

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Susanne said...

Those are great photos!