Thursday, July 10, 2008

How could I almost forget this?

Zac's 11 year-old baseball team, the Zachary BluZe, won their district and wound up placing third in the state tournament in Abbeville, LA last weekend. Not my first choice for family vacation, but we were in a nice hotel, got to sleep in a couple of days, spent quality family time, yada yada. Anyway, the good part.

In the last game Monday evening, we lost, but it was the most exciting game. Exciting because Zac pitched the 5 and 1/3 inning (for those of you who haven't been spending your summer vacation at the youth ballpark, that means he pitched 5 innings and the first out of the 6th). He threw 104 pitches total. It was awesome! He didn't get to completely finish the game because he twisted his ankle and couldn't shake it off. Here's a picture of him on the mound about to release his pitch.

We placed 3rd in the tournament out of about 8 teams, I think, which qualifies us to play in the regional tournament in Bay St. Louis, MS next weekend. Another fun-filled family vacation at the ballpark.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Zac congratulations!! Tell Jake hi from all of us here in Texas!! I wish I could come with Jan and Lisa this year....I am hoping to come next time for sure!!

Good luck in the next tournament!! I will be watching your site for updates!! Good job Jana Kay....

Love you all...