Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Pictures

This is the kids before the electricity went out. Jake had just seen Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel sporting his super cool goggles.

During the storm...

After the storm. Zachary experienced massive flooding in areas that have NEVER flooded.

Cleaning up afterward.

And now for the out door living area and our very special hurricane supplies.

And the most special of all...

Hurricanes are the real reason "Why Mom Drinks Rum."

Gas line for the corner station. For perspective, the corner station is a little more than a mile up.

Okay. Good night, internet. Hopefully I won't have anything interesting after Hurricane Ike.


Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

so, what did the boys have to drink? :-)


jana said...

the top shelf of the frige had Capri Sun 100% juice bags. i'm not too terrible of a mom.

Anonymous said...

I can't ever remember seeing that much of the carport before. It looks real inviting, though. The pictures make it look like it was a real picnic. (I know it wasn't) but great memories for the kids since it all turned out well. I'm sure glad Ike missed ya'll. Love, mom

Ms. Judy said...

Hey I had Bock in my supplies for Ike!