Saturday, September 6, 2008

"If I'm going to get arrested, at least I'm wearing clean underwear."

These were the last words George said to me Thursday morning when he broke curfew to wait in line for gas at the only open station here in Zachary. East Baton Rouge parish has been under a 8pm-6am curfew since Hurricane Gustav blew through. (Curfew was extended yesterday to 10pm-6am.)We weren't sure when our power would be back on and were running low on gas. We thought maybe the station would open at 6am with the curfew, but it didn't open until 8am. George was 2nd in line at 4:45am! He got home shortly after 8.

The last week has been something.

We took the kids out of school Thursday and Friday, Aug. 28 and 29, to go visit George's family in Roswell. We left Wednesday right after school and drove to San Antonio to stay overnight with my mom, then left Thursday morning from there to Roswell. We made it in around 5:00 Thursday evening.

Roswell was fantastic. We stayed with George's brother and sister-in-law, Paul and Cindy, at their new house. Their new house is on 5 acres with a couple of barns and general fun outdoor stuff. They have a John Deere tractor and lawn tractor that the kids got to drive on Friday. That was really fun for them. We had lunches and dinner over at Mary's (George's mom) house and had a steak-out Friday night. Paul's boys and their wives came over and visited at dinner-time. Saturday George, Paul, Mary and the boys went to the mountains to check out the family home they have up there. I went to work with Cindy at her wine store, Pecos Flavors Winery.

That was about when we realized our trip was going to change. Hurricane Gustav was barreling down in the gulf and was projected to definitely come to Louisiana, particularly, New Orleans. We were going to leave Roswell on Monday and drive all the way home that day, but we decided to cut our trip short and left on Sunday.

(I started this on the 6th of Sept. and am just now finishing it on the 11th. I don't have the energy for this blog thing--too much pressure)

The rest is history. Hurricane Gustav made landfall on Monday morning, by 2:30 we'd lost our electricity and didn't get it back until Friday evening. It was all good. We had a generator and by the end of the week we had a small window a/c unit for the bedroom.

I'll let the pictures tell you how Baton Rouge and Zachary fared. We have Hurricane Ike possibly bearing down on us now, so I'm going to sleep in my house with electricity and a/c for what could be the last night for a while.

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