Thursday, November 13, 2008

I was tagged

My sister tagged me and I've been agonizing over it since. It seems like a few funny things have happened lately, but my mind's been consumed with thinking about 7 things about myself. It is all about me, after all.

Zac ran in the Metro Meet yesterday. It's the final cross-country meet of the season. The middle school boys and girls all ran together. It was cool, wet and a little drizzly. In the high school girls' race before Zac's, there were lots of girls coming in without shoes and a couple had lost their socks too. Zac made it in with both of his shoes and socks with a time of 15:45. He did great. I maintain that no matter what his time was, he still ran 2 miles yesterday. What the hell did you or I do? (Bruce may not answer this question. No one wants to hear about eating twigs for breakfast, running the stands at the football stadium, lifting low weights with a ridiculous amount of reps, then running an hour on the treadmill, all before you head out to work! Just kidding, Bruce.)

So with all of this preoccupation thinking about myself, jotting down a note when something about me comes to mind, and mulling over all of my idiosyncrasies, I could only come up with 4. I'm sure those of you who know me well may add to my list, but I'm not in the habit of thinking about myself (I am a mom and wife, after all). Feel free to add to the comments if you think of something I missed. Don't be too mean, though, or I'll delete you. I will do it; don't test me.

"Seven" things:
1. I enjoy teen-angst television like Degrassi and Gossip Girl.
2. I refold towels after the family helps fold clothes.
3. I love grocery shopping.
4. Whenever possible, before I use toilet paper or paper towels, I change the roll so the end comes over the top instead of from under the roll.

Here's my sixth picture:

Appropriate. This is the starting line-up at one of Zac's cross-country meets a couple of weeks ago.

I don't think I'll tag anyone with this. I don't want to pass on the agony.


Susanne said...

Yay for paper towels and toilet paper that goes over the top! That's the correct way!

And speaking of teen angst, I took Jordan to see Highschool Musical 3 last weekend and Sam and I are going to go see it next weekend. Did you like it?

jana said...

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!! It wraps everything up just right. It's so nice to watch a sweet teen movie where the kids are normal, don't hate their parents, don't cuss like sailors, or have sex like a bunch of pervs.

Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

We like HSM3 also.

I love teen angst television. I never really went through a teen angst phase myself (well, I guess I went through my own little losery teen angst phase - ha ha - not anything near Degrassi or GG calibur).

Sorry I made you agonize. At least you came up with 4 things...I got 2.


Anonymous said...

As I've said before, never look a gift fold in the mouth. mom

Anonymous said...

I guess that you have spoiled me now. because I keep checking, but its been over a week.(Please don't wait until next november!!)Love, Mom