Sunday, December 28, 2008

And the award for mother-of-the-year goes to...

Me, of course.

If it wasn't enough that we've just had Christmas and family time like crazy, Jake talked to his friend, S, on Christmas day and invited him to spend the night Friday night.

We were going to take Zac's friend, K, out to dinner with our family so he could give her his Christmas gift, but she had to go out of town with her grandmother. Since the girlfriend plans were cancelled, and Jake was having S over, Zac asked if S's brother K could come stay with him. I, still being drunk on egg nog, apparently, added S and K's brother J to the mix. I didn't think it would be very nice to invite their #1 and #3 boys without having #2 also. All the boys are good friends anyway, and S, K, and J are SUPER GOOD boys, so it wasn't any trouble.

The boys' mom and dad went in to Baton Rouge to look at some furniture and dropped the boys off on the way. We had a great night. Everyone played outside until way past dark, played the Wii, played on the computer, and ate hot dogs and gingerbread house. The little boys slept in the living room on sleeping bags and the big boys slept in the bedroom. I finally fell completely asleep around 1:00 am and could still hear Zac and K giggling.

We had pancakes for breakfast, then everyone loaded up the rip sticks, skate boards, roller blades, and scooters to spend a couple of hours at the skate park.

Jackie came to pick up the boys from the skate park around noon. We came home and had lunch and did some house work and nap. Zac left later that evening to spend the night with another friend.

Unfortunately, the voting academy will not remember this award and the hard work it has taken to get here. They will only remember the demands for baths, tooth-brushing, room-cleaning, homework-doing and all the other things it takes to get to be mother-of-the-year. I'll bask in it for these few fleeting moments.

It was a beautiful day, incidentally. About 78 degrees.

The boys were wiped out. Zac slept for about an hour and Jake almost got another night's sleep with his 3-hour nap!

P.S. They (we) love their snuggies. We're cheesy like that! Maybe I'll remember to bring them to football games for extra warmth! Like that, Billy?


Anonymous said...

I think you should wear them whenever you leave the store, schools, wherever....and make sure that the whole family wears them

Susanne said...

That sounds like such a nice time! You are Mother of the Year! Sammy and I both want snuggies!!