Thursday, June 4, 2009


Usually sometime every morning, I look up my stat counter for this blog. Yes, indeed, I installed a stat counter to keep up with who all comes to check us out here on the edge. Actually, my very good friend Susanne had to help me install it, but I've kept it going and understand how to use it.

That being said, when I looked at my stats this morning, there were 35 hits! Normally that would thrill me as it would indicate that more than the usual 10 people find The Ragsland interesting, funny, poignant, or compelling; a definite must read for your day! But it freaked me out a little because all 35 new hits were from the same person over the course of 3 minutes. What the heck? Was there a bad internet connection which only allowed 10 seconds at a time? I was flummoxed.

What I want you, yes you, reader, to do is to leave me a comment. Include your name and how you wandered over to The Ragsland. Even if I know you, I need you to help me with this; I don't want to change my address, but I may need to if the lurkers don't come out of hiding.

Thank you. That is all.


McVal said...

I visited this morning - but I just read your story about the jerk across the alley... Don't worry! I'm not him!

Jenn said...

I read this morning as well and I hope that the neighbor situation gets better not worse!

McVal said...

It just dawned on me. are you sure it's not your IP address that is triggering it? Typical counters add you in too, unless you choose the unique counter which only shows you new people visiting. I was so curious on mine that I put both on. Actual and unique. I also have a live traffic feed. (lower right area of my blog page from feedjit) It will show you the general area of where your visitors are from. Then you'll know if you are the stalker or not... Every time you visit your site, it'll put it in the traffic feed. Good luck! You basically go to that website, type in your blog page and it gives you some html code to paste into your widgets area. Let me know if you need help setting it up.

Susanne said...

Hi, Jana! I'm here at 12:10 a.m. edst 6/5/09. We're on AT&T.

BTW, my security word below is "covendog". That would be a good name for a band!

Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

hey what kind of stat counter do you have? mine can tell me where (city and state) the person visited from.


Mark Davidson said...

You also have to remember that bots crawl the web. This leads to all sorts of weird stats.

Mark Davidson said...

"Bots crawl the web" refers to the many ways that people and companies gather information. It can also be called "scrubbing the web." Google and Yahoo, for instance, have to scour the web for new content to add to their index so that when people search for you, or your article, they find it.

Bots are also (and mostly) used for nefarious reasons. They scour your site to add to their content, but with more commercial / malicious intent.