Sunday, June 7, 2009


With all this talk about my stat counter, it has an interesting feature. I can do a keyword analysis to see what words bring my many readers to Ragsland. Usually, they're the usual, my name or Wheel of Fortune. I figure those are people who can't remember the exact address, but remember those stories and get here that way.

The most recent different one, I think, was probably a surprising answer to their google query: "How to keep from losing your house."

If you've been with me a while, you know how I feel about that.

Sadly, a google search does not give the option of living within your means. Most of the responses to that search I read blamed the housing market, predatory lendors, layoffs, or just the bad economy (which seems to be the catch-all phrase for poor decision making).

It's never just the individual's fault for trying to keep too many balls in the air at once.


C Golightly said...

I really have nothing to say because I'm ready to go write my blog but you wanted me to leave a comment!!!
I need to learn how to put the right descriptive words for my blog.

C Golightly said...

Oh, I did have something to say. Let's finish our conversation from this morning. I can completely understand what you were talking about.