Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can you believe it?

We hosted another dog yesterday and last night. The neighbors behind us, diagonally, got a new puppy and were gone yesterday. They left this puppy outside and it kept getting out and coming over to our house, so we kept her for the night. We'll take her home before we go to church this morning.

She's a really good puppy. She slept with George and me so we could get up with her during the night.

What is interesting about this puppy is that she is a peace offering. Our back yard neighbor, Terry, told me that her next-door neighbor (my diagonal back-yard neighbor and the owner of this puppy) came over to apologize to her for her fiance and her fighting. The woman and her 2 young daughters left for about a week and stayed with her mother. It turns out that the man was hitting her. She was talking about leaving him, but I guess a puppy makes everything better.

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