Friday, April 3, 2009

The Bitch is Back

Well, as far as song titles for my posts lately, I never expected to use that one!

Dixie came back to us last night. George and I were out on a last-minute date that I'll tell you about in a minute, when I got a phone call from Jake. I had to hang up on him because I couldn't understand him and I needed to walk out of the auditorium to call him back (on the babysitter's cell).

I called back. No answer.
I called Zac's phone. No answer.
I called the house. No answer.

Rinse. Repeat.
Rinse. Repeat.

One last try to babysitter. Finally a pick up. (It's a good thing too--I was about to go back in the auditorium to get George and head home!)

Rachel, the sitter, put Zac on the phone. He said they were in the front yard playing baseball when Dixie trotted up to them and started playing. He wanted to know what they should do. I told them to just take her inside and take care of her. By this time it was already almost 7:30 and I didn't want them walking the neighborhood looking for the owner...again. I also told him not to call me unless someone was bleeding from their ears.

So, she stayed the night with us last night and I'll take her home this afternoon when I get home from work.

I'm figuring the redneck who owns Dixie isn't as nice to her as we are and she made a fast escape to come back to the Life of Riley.

The other day when I found the owner, I was walking at the other end of our street asking people if they knew this dog. I saw some guys working on some cars at one house. They had a male black lab who was a little bigger than Dixie and also had a neon orange collar. Just as I was about to talk to them, these two guys pulled up in their pick up hollering that she was their dog. The one guy jumped out of the truck and ran over to her calling Dixie. She turned to him, and acknowledged him, but didn't react really until he got his lead out. This lead was HUGE. It was like a 1-inch diameter lassoo. He slipped it around her neck, she barked, I unhooked my leash, he shook hands WITH THE GUYS WORKING ON THE CAR...NOT THE PERSON WHO FOUND HIS DOG, and jumped in the truck with her. I told him how good she was and how much fun the boys had playing with her and that if I hadn't found him I was keeping her. He said, "Well, I paid too damn much money for this dog for her to go missing." Okay, jackass, put a microchip in her back or, at the very least, an ID tag!!!

Oh well, the world is so very full of jackasses.

Now on to our date...

One of the parents of a youth kid at church is the general manager of the Coca-Cola plant here in Baton Rouge. He had tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld last night and couldn't make it, so he passed the tickets on to us!!!!!!!!

The seats were great, although, in this particular theater there are no bad seats. We were very close, but didn't have to crane our necks up to watch and listen.

There was a warm-up comedian whose name I can't remember. I may have been able to tell you more about him, but this is when the kids were dealing with the dog and I was in the hallway of the auditorium. He did his bit for about 20 minutes and then Jerry came on.

The picture doesn't really reflect just how close we were to the stage. I'm not complaining, though. I took the picture WITH MY IPHONE!!! (WooHoo, I have an iPhone.)

He was hilarious! At one point I was laughing so hard I was crying. There was one stupid-head somewhere behind us who yelled out "Kramer" a couple of times to the point that Jerry had to stop and make a distinction about how Kramer, Elaine, George, and Newman, while interesting characters and personalities, are, actually, infact, fictional! That when you yell at Jerry on the TV, he doesn't respond, as opposed to tonight.

That shut him up.

He spoke for about an hour. He had another show at 9:30. It was really great.

From the concert, we went to one of our favorite places in Baton Rouge, the Kingfish Lounge in the Hilton Capitol House. We had a beverage and some appetizers (spring rolls and smoked salmon).

It was an excellent evening.

We packed in all that fun and were home by 10:00. I don't think it gets any better than that.

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Anonymous said...

Be sure you let me know how Dixie does when you take her/him home. Love, Mom