Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our House

As silly as it sounds, there are few things I like more than driving up to my house when the yard is freshly mowed and the flower beds are freshly weeded. It feels good when the outside of our house looks nice. Our house has real curb appeal with the day lilies, azalea bushes and iron gate across the driveway. The back yard is beautiful to me since we lined the beds with the landscaping bricks.

Easter is a strange time for our family. Since George has to get up before the crack on Easter morning to do the sunrise service, the Easter Bunny comes to our house after church. The several days leading up to Easter Sunday are full of George being exhausted getting the service ready, worrying if the kids will show up, worrying if anyone from the congregation will show up, if the sermon will be good enough. Of course, his worry always pays off. It's always good, the attendance grows, the youth who participate grow spiritually and mentally, and those who attend are always left with a meaningful bit of Easter.

This year and last year, in addition to getting the sunrise service ready, George has also had to lead the confirmation retreat for the 6th graders. Tradition has always placed it during spring break, which has been our family's "sacred" time. We give over half of the summer vacation, a week of Christmas break, every weekend, and various Friday nights to the youth group. Now our spring break is being encroached upon. I think next year George will reschedule this retreat so it doesn't take away our potential family vacation. Even if we don't do anything or go anywhere for SB, it is great to know that we have a solid week to be off work and school to just hang out together.

Oh brother. I didn't mean to bore you, internet, with my personal pity party. I tell you all of this on the eve of the boys and me going to pick up George from the retreat to head out to Texas for the last half of SB. Poor, poor, pitiful me. Hey, there's another blog title!

Anyway, here are some pix of Easter and Jake's class party at school.

Oh yeah. Jake found a 4-leafed clover in our yard.


McVal said...

I love the look of our house too right after a fresh mowing. Of course this year, it has too much peeling paint to suit me. We're fixing that up for a high school graduation coming up tho. So the house will have nice "curb appeal" again.

Cara Jane said...

I like the easter eggs. Very cool.