Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Day

Slipping into stockings,
Stepping into shoes,
Dipping in the pocket of her raincoat.
Ah, it's just another day.

That's one of my most favorite songs ever.

It was cold and rainy today which always brings that song to mind. Perfect house-work weather. When I got finished helping out at Jacob's school, I ran a couple of errands then went home. I got a lot of laundry folded while I watched TV.

I was catching up on shows I'd recorded on the DVR and saw one recorded on October 13 which is one of my most favorite people ever's birthday. And it occurred to me that I did not call him (unless it was that day I called him in a panic over the stock market falling, and he had to talk me down, which was purely a coincidence).

Anyway, for his birthday to come and go without any fanfare of which I know, only speaks to his true, sweet humility. (As opposed to the sky-writing service I'd like to hire for my birthday announcement.) He is the most generous person I know, in all ways and is an absolute inspiration to me.

So, in lieu of a card or a phone call, Bruce gets a tribute on my blog for all the world to read. Or at least the 4 of you I know are reading...and you know who you are.

Happy Belated Birthday, Bruce.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I showed this to Bruce. He was quite touched!!
Thanks for writing it....
I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow..Have a safe trip