Sunday, October 19, 2008

X Country

No, I'm not getting ready to tell you about some hot, new alt/country band. Yesterday,we went to Walker for a cross country meet. Zac's been running with the middle school cc team last year and this year.

It was a great meet. All of the kids got to run in the Jr. High race. Usually, only the kids with the best times get to run in the JH race so that the best times will count (the top 7 in your team) and the others run with the Jr. Varsity High School race. Zac's first race this season was with the JV runners, but his times have been really good so he's been running with the JH kids. One race, he even finished 7th.

Saturday's time was 14:30 or :28 or something like that. He did a great job. I think he came in 8th on his team.

Really, though, once you laid your head down on the pillow Saturday night, had you run 2 miles? I know I didn't.

Can you find Zac in this picture?

Coming in for the finish.

Finished. And he didn't even run!


Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

It was nice that they called me on the way home from the meet. I always like to hear from them.


Anonymous said...

No, I could not find Zac in the pictures. But Jake is hilarious!!!

jana said...

Mom, if you click on the picture, it will load up the size of your computer screen. Zac's in the top left quadrant. You can only see the top half of his head; it's peeking up over the shoulder of the boy in the orange t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I found him. thanks, mom