Monday, October 6, 2008

The Buddy Chronicles

I think I'll start a new heading for all of the Buddy adventures. He got out AGAIN this morning. I was taking Jake to school and realized that I'd forgotten my lunch at home. After I dropped Jake off, I headed back home to pick it up and Buddy got out when I tried to close the door behind me. He's going crazy without a yard. We've set the posts for the new fence in the back yard, but haven't gotten the rest built yet. George said that if he keeps on running off, we'd have to give him away to someone who has land where he can go crazy without the possibility of getting run over. I think we need to reserve judgement until we get the fence built. I don't know. He's a crazy dog with a very strong run instinct. I think this is a perfect example of nature winning out over nurture. Why would this nutso dog choose to run off and risk life and limb, literally, over the lush, comfortable life he lives with his people?


Buddy was home when I got home with the kids this afternoon at 4:00

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