Saturday, October 4, 2008

dog, pie and post holes

Pay close attention to the comma. We did not have Dog Pie.

Buddy's back. George was using my car yesterday so he could do some work on his, so he picked me up from work. When we got home, Buddy was waiting at the back door, sans collar and leash. I figure he got hung up in something and wriggled his head out of his collar. Some farmer will find a leash and collar wrapped around some scrub brush someday and have a few questions.

The pie was fantastic. Very easy, good, reliable recipe. I encourage you to make one. I think I'll bring it to Thanksgiving.

Yesterday afternoon, George and I dug the post holes for the new fence. Here are some pictures:

Naturally, nothing can go perfectly. We had to do 5 holes. Numbers 1-3 were easy. Number 4 got stuck and we had to dig out the auger. Number 5 cut through the telephone line, even though we weren't ANYWHERE close to the marked lines the city laid out for us a few days ago.

Oh well. George and the boys are on their way to a cross country meet right now. I have to work today. Hopefully, they'll finish setting the posts while I'm at work.

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Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

I have a really good chocolate pecan pie recipe that my friend Katherine gave me. She always brought me a pie down to my apt. whenever she was making one for someone else. Anyway, it is tasty. It doesn't have green chiles in it though, but that sounds like it could be good.