Thursday, October 30, 2008

And now, another installment of...The Buddy Chronicles

I hope you used your best radio announcer's voice for that title. If you didn't, go back and read it again.

Thanks. Now your mood is set.

Yesterday, Zac didn't have after-school practice, so he road the bus home. He had a science project due for today that we immediately started working on. He had to make a 3D model of a plant or animal cell. We chose plant cell; mostly because we had an available shoe box to start the project.

So we're gathering up all of the supplies--tape, wrapping paper, play-doh, modeling clay--and I walked through the kitchen and glanced up at the clock on the microwave: 3:35. Like a woman possessed, I screamed, "Oh my gosh!!!!!! I have to go get Jake!!!" And I dashed out of the house.

Buddy, not missing his opportunity at an escape while I was in a crazed state, dashed out of the house. My last words to Zac were, "Don't worry about going after him, he'll be back."

I flew to the school, speeding the ENTIRE way, so as to avoid another incident with being late like before. Yes, I would rather pay an $80 speeding ticket than give the Principal the satisfaction of me being late. Twisted, I know, but that's how I roll.

At any rate, I was NOT the last person in line. In fact, there were at least 15 more cars behind me when I got to the front. AND there were WWWAAAYYY more than 15 kids still waiting. I digress.

We made it home and Buddy was back. Not only was he back, but he brought home a friend. A cute little dog that looked exactly like Buddy, but with black and brown hair and a long, curly tail. This dog was also wearing a fur-lined hoodie that said "Fly Dog" on the back. He was dressed to go visiting. Of course, he was not wearing a collar. (Why, oh why, don't people put a collar on their animals?)

I was about to get frantic at this point because Zac had this project to do, Jake had homework, and we had this dog to figure out now. On top of all of this, since Zac's in a bit of trouble with the phone situation, I couldn't just send him out walking with this new dog to find his people. I did what I usually do; I called Tech Support. That's what I call George when I'm frantic, computer-wise, or other-wise.

While I was on the phone with Tech Support, Buddy and his friend are running around the living room playing, the kids are chasing them and hollering, and I was trying to get some advise from "Kevin" (my tech guy from India). I went over to the dogs--Buddy was trying to get frisky with the new dog (he's so friendly), broke up the love, and the new dog hunched his back over and hunkered down to poop!

I started screaming, "No, no, no!" over and over. I picked up the dog and carried him, still hunched over, to the back door and put him out. George is laughing at the pandemonium, the kids are in hysterics and I'm cleaning up poop from the floor. Luckily, it wasn't messy.

I went back outside, but the dog was gone. I guess he made it home...

I guess that's the lesson with bringing home a friend. Make sure they're house-trained, or I'll put them out.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever prayed for patience when it comes to Buddy? Maybe that's why you are having all these dog encounters. It definitely has to make you stop and think "Oh well, Buddy's not so bad". Love, Mom